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My first year as an upward basketball coach

With my team in the center of the court, we all extend our hands into the center of the huddle.  Leading my team in our pre-game chant I shout, “Do your…”

“BEST!” they reply.


“QUIT!” They shout even louder.




“WILD!” The boys scream our team name and are ready to take the court and do just that: Do their best, never quit, and have fun!

My Easter Musical … uhh … Beard!

How many Easter Musicals have you attended?  Which ones stick out in your mind and why?  Some of you probably can’t remember me without a beard.  But, did you know that it was a part that I played in an Easter musical back in the mid-90’s that required me to grow a beard?  I played the part of a gnarly thief named Marcus, who found himself in the same prison cell with the Apostle Paul and Silas in the musical “Who Will Call Him King Of Kings”. What a great musical!  Someday, we’ll do it again.  Up until that musical, I never had a beard. I didn’t want one, nor would Kim have ever put up with one!  After that musical, I decided (and Kim graciously agreed) that I should keep my new facial hair-doo.  I’ve had it ever since.  Now, whenever I threaten to shave it off, my family objects vociferously!  So, on it stays…a testimony to Easters past! 

No Contact No Impact

I hope that you have been both challenged and encouraged by our present series of messages. I realize that in issuing the challenge to step up and make contact with those who are far from God, as well as with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, so that the church might have the impact that it was designed by Christ to have it brings with it the potential for discouragement. I understand that some of us may struggle to find ways to implement the things in which we have been challenged. So with


I hope you had a chance to attend last week’s Coffee House Café.  If not, I would like to share with you one of the many messages that I was challenged with.  The fact that life is made up of a series of choices, many made daily without thought, which will affect us forever.  I walked away thinking of past decisions in my life where I hadn’t sought the Lord for wisdom or had simply chosen not to be obedient to His Word.  How much of life’s pain is simply a consequence of bad choices or the result of disobedience? 

Eclipsing The Son

At about 1pm on Tuesday, May 10, 1994, a group of pastors and secretaries stood just outside the NE doors of our church building.  All were staring up into the sky.  All were wearing some really cool looking gold colored mylar sunglasses.    All were humoring a very excited astronomically-geeked music pastor (me!). 

Freeze Out 2012

The air was filled with excitement, nervousness and anticipation as 37 teens and adult leaders packed up the bus, van, and the trailer to head to Lake Ann Camp for Freeze Out. This was our biggest group ever. We arrived just in time for the first chapel session to begin. HeartSong, from Cedarville University, began the service with some amazing and high energy worship songs. Following that, Ken Rudolph—in his classic style

First Blog – EVER!!!

Well, this is my first blog ever, and so on this maiden blog voyage I thought that I would keep things a bit simple and talk about the new South Baptist Church website you are on. I hope that you are enjoying the new look and the new information on the site. In redesigning it was our goal to try and make it helpful to guests and visitors, as well as church family. We hope that we have succeeded. 

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