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Game Changers

If we claim to follow Jesus, and Jesus tells us something very specific to do, what does it mean if we don’t do it? That is the question that our guest speaker, Pastor Tim Snyder from Riverdale Baptist Church of Flint, answers in his message today entitled “Game Changers”. Tim doesn’t pull any punches as…

Speak No Evil

Pastor Scott continues his series entitled “One Another” with a challenge about what we say about each other.  Keeping our focus on words that encourage and build up one another is a struggle for us all.  Thankfully, God gives us the wisdom we need from the Bible to be successful in this important area!

Submit To One Another

Submission is a word that has fallen on hard times in our culture today. Yet, in the context of our relationships with one another, God has a pure and proper purpose for submission. In this, the next message in the “One Another” series, Pastor Scott helps us see from the Bible just what God had…

Super Hero Institute Day Camp Closing – Day 5

As our Super Hero campers finish their week of training, their parents are given a chance to get a little taste of what Super Hero Institute is all about!  Each camper is decked out in their own customized super hero costume.  Help us celebrate the “graduation” of our campers!  Congratulations Super Heroes!