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Live In Harmony

Harmony is a beautiful thing!  But, we’ve probably all had a few “cringe” moments at a concert or watching The Voice where one part of the harmony was a bit off.  When the harmony isn’t right, it’s pretty bad, isn’t is?  In part 3 of the message series entitled One Another, Pastor Scott points out…

Love & Be Devoted To One Another

With this message, Pastor Scott begins a brand new preaching series entitled “One Another”.  Throughout the series we’ll be looking at some of the “one another” commands given to us in the Bible.  We’ll learn that the purpose of those commands is to help us strengthen our relationships with one another in Christ.

False Gods

Like adults, children don’t always make the right choices. All parents struggle to train their children to make right choices. That’s not news. What may be news is the underlying reason bad decisions are made. Both childhood, and even adult decisions are driven by one thing – worship! In today’s message, part of the Parental…