Can You Trust The Bible?

Ever had a conversation with someone who was struggling to believe that the Bible was true?  Why is it any different from any other book?  What makes it so special that we should believe what it says about Jesus?  Somethings in the Bible are really hard to swallow, so how do we know they really happened?  These are just a few of the questions you might get when talking to someone who is struggling to believe and understand the Bible.  Maybe these are questions you have.

If so, I’d like to encourage you to sign up for a free online class provided by the faculty of Dallas Theological Seminary.  It’s entitled: “Can You Trust The Bible?”  The DTS staff will give you a well rounded overview of what makes the Bible so unique among all books, and why it is worthy of your full trust and belief. Don’t worry about getting bombarded with a bunch of long theological terms.  The teachers are down to earth and do a great job bringing the important truths about scripture to light in terms that will be easy to understand.  The class is on-demand, so you can easily work it into your busy schedule.  Don’t miss this chance to learn why the Bible is worthy of your complete trust!  Enjoy!

Click HERE to sign up for the class!

Blessings, Pastor Larry