No, I'm not talking about the amazing Taco Bell "Crunch-Wrap"! No, the curtain has come down, so to speak, on this year’s Easter Musical.  I have to say that “Your Great Name” will go down as one of my favorite musicals (the choir reminds me that I say this every year!).  It was truly a joy to be involved!  Not only were the music and Spirit-filled lyrics woven together to be compelling and moving to an audience, but the songs had a powerful impact on each and every singer!  This combination of powerful content and passionate delivery is the secret to all great musicals!  The message couldn’t have been clearer … Jesus Christ, the risen Son of God, is the One Whose ‘Great Name’ we praise and lift high!

One of the most powerful moments in the musical is the lyric which says, “Shameful sin, placed on Him, the hope of every man. O the blood of Jesus washes me; O the blood of Jesus shed for me.  What a sacrifice, that saved my life; yes, the blood, it is my victory. … O what love, no greater love; grace how can it be?  That in my sin, yes, even then, He shed His blood for me!”  The truth that Jesus loved us enough to take the wages of all our sin upon Himself was once again declared!  This is the heart of the gospel.  It can be life-changing for those trapped in sin’s prison cell. It can also be life changing to those of us who know our sins are forgiven, but have grown complacent in our walk with Jesus.  I hope that as we move on from here, the words and music of this year’s musical will take root in our lives and help us walk more passionately with Jesus! 

I want to thank every person who had a part in this year’s presentation.  This includes singers, tech team, video team, stage crew, signing team, wardrobe directors, office staff, ushers, greeters, and everyone that prayed for us and invited guests!  Continue to pray that the message will bear fruit in people's lives!