Proverbs 20:24 says “The LORD directs our steps, so why try to understand everything along the way?”  Wow, this is a great question, and yet it is something I struggle with daily.  I’m a very curious person and I can’t stand not understanding how something works!  Whether it be mechanical, medical, biological, natural or technical….I want to understand it.  There are logical reasons why things happen….right?  If there is water leaking from my water softener (recently), I will not rest until I figure out where it’s coming from and how I can stop it (took me about 2 months, a lot of time and replacing a lot of parts that really didn’t need to be replaced!). If there is a mystery of any kind, I want to solve it.  Whether it is a problem with our dehumidifier or a problem with our garage door, I want to figure it out and fix it.  If there is an effect of some kind, I want to know what the cause is. I’ve always been this way. 

When I was a kid, anytime an appliance or electric gadget in our home broke, I would rescue it from the trash, grab my junior toolkit and take it apart to see what made it tick.  It can be pretty frustrating at times, but it’s also satisfying when I figure something out (like the water softener).  However, this verse reminds me that not everything in life is going to be able to be understood or figured out.  There is Someone else involved in my life that I do not control.  The Proverbial writer says that the LORD cares enough about me to guide the very steps I take.  He is involved in the smallest details of my life….like my next step.  How many steps do we take in a day?  Studies say we average about 6000 steps a day. If a person lives to be 70, then he will take a whopping 153,300,000 steps! If we have surrendered our lives to His control, then each of those steps is following a path that He has set.  Rom. 8:28 comforts me to know that His goal is always my good, even though at times the path leads through pain and suffering as the Lord seeks to grow my faith and my character.  I can’t see where the path will end or what turns it will take along the way.  I can only see the next step.  My curiosity and logical mind make my spiritual journey frustrating at times.  Proverbs 20:24 reminds me that I need to relax a bit, forget about trying to figure it all out, and let God lead me….one step at a time. May God help us all to put this verse into practice!!!!