Online giving is here. Now you can securely and conveniently give your offering or donation online to help support the ministries at South!


  1. Go to
  2. Click the Give link at the top of the page.
  3. Click the Give Now button at the bottom of the page.
  4. In the Donate section, do the following:

    1. GIVE — Enter the amount you wish to give.
    2. TO — Select which fund(s) you wish to give to. You may give to just one fund, or divide your gift among the following three funds:
      1. General Fund — Donations to this fund support South Baptist Church and its mission to reach those who are far from God and grow up those who are in Christ.
      2. Benevolence Fund — Donations to this fund are used primarily to help meet emergency needs within the South Baptist Church family, as well as occasional needs within our community.
      3. Building Fund — Donations to this fund are used for approved building projects.
    3. OCCURRENCE — Select how often you want to give. You have two choices:
      1. One time — The amount you have entered will be processed only once.
      2. Regularly — The amount you have entered will be processed on a recurring basis. If you make this selection, you will see two new fields.
        1. Frequency — You can select Weekly, Every Other Week, Monthly, or Twice-Monthly.
        2. Weekday — You can select which day of the week you would like the payment processed.
        3. When you have made your selections, you will see an on-screen confirmation of when your first payment will be processed.
    4. EMAIL — Provide the email address where you want to receive any notices, receipts, and communications.
  5. Click the Continue button.
  6. MY PAYMENT METHOD — You will now see options for how you want to make your payment.
    1. ACH/Bank Account — This is the church’s preferred method of online giving, as it incurs the lowest processing fees. Giving via ACH/Bank Account incurs a flat fee of $0.25 per transaction. From a $100 donation, the church would receive $99.75.
    2. Debit/credit card — This is also an accepted method of online giving, but incurs higher processing fees. Giving via debit/credit card incurs a fee of $0.30 per transaction, plus 2.3% of the donation. From a $100 donation, the church would receive $97.40, or $2.35 less received by the church compared to a similar donation given via ACH/Bank Account.

*Note – South Baptist Church online giving is a service of Planning Center Online (PCO).  PCO processes all online transactions using the Stripe mobile platform.  Confirmations may be sent via e-mail from Stripe and/or Planning Center Online (PCO).  Please make sure these emails are not being diverted to your junk email folder.

For more assistance, please send an email to Please do not include any financial, bank account, or debit/credit card information in your email.