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Obviously there are many stages of development during these years, so the goal for each age group is slightly different, but here’s a quick summary of how we care for children at South:

For the Babies, we do our best to see that your child receives loving and competent care while you are attending the church services.

Age-appropriate programs are available for 2-3 yr. old and 4-5 yr. old children. Through the use of activity centers, Bible stories, crafts, music and hands-on fun, children will be provided with a safe and secure environment as they learn about God’s Word.

Our elementary-age Kidtown Program is designed to assist parents in guiding children into a relationship with God, grounding them in God’s Word, and helping them discover their God-given gifts so that they may grow into fully-devoted followers of Christ.

Some general “housekeeping” information…

Safety & Security

For the safety and security of all children in our children’s community, all kids entering our children’s wing will be required to be registered and checked in at our Check-In Center. Your first time registering, you will be required to provide some basic information, along with any special instructions (allergies, special or medical needs) for your child(ren).

Each week thereafter, you will simply check in, using a name or phone number.  Upon checking in, a name tag will print for each child, along with a claim tag for parents, with an ID code unique for your family. Each child will put their name tag on their person, and the parent will keep the claim tag.  Upon picking up your child, you will simply need to show your claim tag, and your child will be released to you.

For the safety and security of all children in our children’s community: No child will be released to a parent without a claim tag or picture identification.

If there is anything we can do to help you on your journey in parenting, please don’t hesitate to call.  You can reach one of the pastors at the church office, or see them on Sunday before or after our service!  The church office phone number is (810) 233-5000.

Suggested Resources

Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family Logo

Focus on the Family has always been very supportive to parents in child-rearing. You will find many helpful resources on this website!

Plugged In

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A Christian perspective on what to see at the box office, which TV shows are worth your time, and what music comes up clean.

RightNow MediaRNM_logo_Orange

RightNow Media is a resource that we are offering to all people who attend South — Over 10,000 Bible Studies and videos suitable for kids – which can really be a great supplement to what you are doing in raising your student up to love God!  Click here if you’d like to request your free account.

Genesee County Post-Adoption Support Group

Meeting here at South Baptist every first Thursday of the month in room 504 at 6:00pm, this group is open to all adoptive families in Genesee County and is sponsored by the Judson Center, a non-profit, human service agency located in Southeastern Michigan. There is no charge.  Please enter through the east gym entrance.  Spread the word!  For more information, please go to their web-site: