I would like to say thanks to all of the people who gave of their time, energy and prayers to present our Easter Production, "THE DOOR" this past weekend!  Not only was it awesome to be able to present the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a creative and compelling way!  And, it was a total blast to be able to do it with such a great group of people…I'm truly blessed by all of you!  I’ve been involved in a few musicals over the years, and I’ve learned that no production of this magnitude can happen without the commitment to prayer and hard work of many people! 

So, I would like to offer special thanks to the following people who gave leadership to several key areas:  Tami Rolfe – drama director; Marty Redmond – set construction; Claudia Roche, Jean Wood, Virgie McLincha – costumes; Natalie Stokes – children’s director. I’m also very grateful for the team of people that they assembled to help with each of these important areas! This year’s production saw more people involved than any other musical in 23+ years…almost 90 (about 20% of our church family!). 

I’m also grateful for our video ministry which allows people anywhere in the world to view our services and productions live as well as ‘on demand’.  For instance, for the Saturday evening presentation, there were 6 different people watching live, in places like VA, DC and IN.  For the Sunday morning presentation, there were 11 people viewing live.  And, as of Wed., 3/27, over 124 people had watched the video recordings on our web-site!  We continue to ask God to send out the message of the Gospel through our Internet presence.  DVD’s of the both presentations of “The Door” will be available for purchase at the Welcome Center beginning this Sunday, 3/31 ($8/ea.). 

Be sure to visit our web-site to access production photos on our Facebook page or the video recordings:   www.sbcflint.org  (in top right corner of home page).

So, I have to say…… “Way to go, South Baptist Church!!!"  Thanks to everyone involved in making this past weekend a success!  Most of all….thanks to our risen Savior, Jesus Christ, for His sacrificial death and victorious resurrection…there’s no better story that we could ever tell!

God bless,