2016 ThemeThis next year our church will begin a new theme. A theme that we believe is very relevant to us and the world that we live in. 2016 is going to be all about “Broken to Restored” As a result of sin, we live broken lives, in a broken world. Thankfully, God has created a way to see restoration brought to many of the things broken by sin. This year we will focus on his restoration to very specific areas that have been broken.

Core Classes will once again follow our theme for the year. And starting on January 3rd, individuals who are age 66 or older will meet in room 301 where they will be studying, “Creation Restored: The Gospel According to Genesis (Chapters 12-50).” Here is what your teacher has to say about this class…

One of the most important things to remember about the Bible is that it’s not a collection of different stories, each with different moral principles that teach us how to make ourselves right with God. Rather, the Bible is a single seamless, passionate story about the way God has come down to us. For instance, beginning in Genesis 12 and continuing through the end of the book, we begin to see God’s plan for fixing what was broken. We see Him begin to make the bad things come untrue. Just as God was active in the lives of Biblical characters, He is interested in rebuilding an intimate relationship with us. 

I am excited about working through this material with you because it reminds us that God continues to work with people over time, it reassures us of the victory that God provides, and it reveals to us the character of the God we worship.