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Hello Parents!

We are currently looking for a new Youth Pastor to lead our Student Ministries! We are very blessed to have a solid team of adult leaders serving our teens, to help get into their lives and encourage them spiritually.  These adults have tons of interaction with the students, as they lead the small group time each week, and also attend our activities.

If your 6th – 12th grader were to come to Wednesday Night Youth Group, he or she would meet about 35-40 students much like them – and the format for the evening would be something like this:

10 minutes of Hangout/Chat time – 15 minutes of exciting singing/worship of our God – 30 minutes for Jr. High small groups, while the High Schoolers are having their lesson/talk with Pastor Brandon – and then 30 minutes for the High Schoolers have small groups while the Jr. Highers are having their lesson/talk with me. It’s kind of a fast-paced evening, but with planned times for meaningful interaction with God and with each other.  Youth group starts back up on Wednesday, September 19th!  Don’t miss it!

Suggested Resources

Covenant Eyes is a great resource for helping parents protect themselves and their kids who are using the internet.  There are lots of options in internet accountability and web content filtering. Click on the CE image to visit this helpful site!


Click here to go to RightNow Media, a Bible study libraryRightNow Media is a resource that we are offering to all people who attend South. Many of the Bible studies and videos are specifically geared to help today’s teens. These videos can really be a great supplement to what you are doing in raising your student up to love God!  Click here if you’d like to request your free account.


The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding is a nonprofit organization committed to building strong families by serving to bridge the cultural-generational gap between parents and teenagers. Click on the CPYU image to visit this helpful site!



A Christian perspective on what to see at the box office, which TV shows are worth your time, and what music comes up clean. Click on this link to visit this helpful site!

Genesee County Post-Adoption Support Group

Meeting here at South Baptist every first Thursday of the month in room 504 at 6:00pm, this group is open to all adoptive families in Genesee County and is sponsored by the Judson Center, a non-profit, human service agency located in Southeastern Michigan. There is no charge.  Please enter through the east gym entrance.  Spread the word!  For more information, please go to their site:

If you’re a parent of a Junior High or High School student, I’d love to be a resource to you, as you raise your son or daughter!

Pastor Brandon