Since my college days, I had always heard about J. R. R. Tolkien’s writings, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion, but had never actually read any of them.  Strange as it may be, what first sparked my interest in them was the first film in the LOTR trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring.  After seeing the film, I was taken in by the story line and the rich historical (though fictional) setting of “Middle Earth”.  I have been a fan ever since…even read the entire series to my kids!  And, while I can’t say the books and films are right for every family out there (there are elements that some parents may find distasteful), I can say that they have provided a lot of fun and excitement for me and mine! 

Recently, after seeing the second installment in the Hobbit trilogy (in IMAX 3D, no less!), I was awestruck by a thought that began to spin around in my head.  One of the great things about Tolkien’s writings and the movies is that you always get the sense that the characters are caught up in something really BIG…something that the smallest of characters seem to be caught up in, whether they realize it or not.  The flow of events is shaped by the overpowering awareness of a cosmic conflict between good and evil.  Of course, this is not a new theme for books and films.  I think most of the best ones ever written or made follow this path.  But, for a lot of reasons, the films based on Tolkien’s writings always leave me with a longing to be a part of something just as big.  And, there’s always a little sense of disappointment that my life is so…..well….boring! I haven’t been to many mysterious and magical places in my life.  No one has ever asked “little old me” to do something that could change the course of history! What did I know of adventure?  And then something happened…

The Holy Spirit began to transform my thinking.  He began to take my mind and heart on a journey through the events I’ve read about in scripture all my life…things so familiar to me that I had allowed them to become stale and boring.  Things so incredible and supernatural that I had almost put them in the same category with the latest CG (computer generated) fiction that we can see on any of the numerous ‘screens’ we have access to….from our iPhone to IMAX!  The Spirit had brought me back to an amazing truth that I had forgotten about:  I AM in a great adventure…the greatest and ONLY adventure in existence, created by The Lord of the Universe!  My adventure is very REAL, and it involves all the elements of an EPIC story…written by God and played out on this REAL EARTH! No human author could conceive of the kind of drama, suspense, good, evil, life, death, rebellion, redemption, love, hate, selfishness and sacrifice that is played out in the adventure that we ARE living through.  God’s Word is the Script, and the amazing part is this:  you and I have a part….we are IN the story! It may be a small and brief part, but it is important – and only the Author of the story knows what impact I am going to have in accomplishing His magnificent and epic plan! I need to surrender myself to Him and let Him lead me.  

My real-life adventure makes Bilbo and Frodo Baggins’ adventure seem pretty boring by comparison…check the Script out and you’ll agree!  I pray I will always keep my eyes on the Script (His Word) and be ready for God to do something – maybe even unexpected – through my life!  I was not around for the start of this adventure.  But I can’t tell you how excited I am to have a part in how it goes from here!  I hope you are with me!