Workplace Witness

I’m not sure if you watched any of the NBA finals, but if you did, then you probably know that there was a player for the Golden State Warriors that was highlighted many times, not just for his spectacular play on the court, but also for his incredible testimony for Christ both on and off the court. The player I am referring to is Stephen Curry, and during the NBA playoffs there were plenty of stories floating around Facebook and other media outlets highlighting Steph’s great witness for Christ. Here are a couple of links that will give you an example of what I am talking about.

While I am very thankful for the way in which Steph is using the platform he has been given as a NBA all-star to be bold for Christ, the reality is that Steph is simply doing what all Christ-followers have been called to do – be a bold witness for Christ wherever we might find ourselves, including our workplace. Steph is just being a witness in his workplace; and while we may not have the ability to imitate him on the basketball court, we certainly have the ability to imitate him as a witness in our workplace. Just try some of the following:

1.  Make it a daily habit to pray as you drive to work or as you walk into the office; ask God to help you see your workplace as a mission field.

2. Strive for excellence and integrity in your work. Don’t be a slacker or a poor worker; be the person that co-workers and supervisors can rely on to do a solid job.

3. Refuse to hide or play-down the importance of your faith. When it naturally fits a conversation, freely talk about the role your church, prayer, Scripture, and Christian community have in your life. When appropriate, tell others you’re praying for them.

4. Deepen your relationships with non-Christian co-workers by asking sincere questions and truly listen in a spirit of caring as they share about their lives.

5. Demonstrate God’s love for all people by looking for ways to help out a non-Christian co-worker when they are having challenges. (i.e. if your co-worker’s wife is in the hospital you could visit them in the hospital or take some food to the family when she gets home from the hospital)

6. As you deepen your relationship with a non-Christian co-worker, invite them for lunch off-site or to a weekend night out for dessert and coffee. Being out of the workplace environment will set a more open tone as you talk and get to know each other better. Being off-site will also allow you more freedom to talk directly about your faith and to share the gospel.

7. Learn a simple method to share the gospel in a conversation at lunch or other non-work environment. People go to work to work. If you want to share the gospel with a friend, the boss should not have to pay for it!

8. Share your simple testimony. A testimony is not just a good story about your life. It’s the story of your condition before you trusted Christ for your salvation, how you came to the realization that you were a sinner who needs a Savior, how you trusted Christ who died in your place and rose from the dead, and the fact you know without any doubt that you’ll go to heaven when you die and will have power to live every day until then! It’s your story and you’ve lived this story, so you’re the living, breathing witness God wants them to see.

Being a workplace witness can be a difficult thing because of the delicate balance it requires between being an actual witness and being obnoxious. Following some of these tips will help you keep the balance and obey the instruction of Christ of being a witness for him in all environments of life; including work. And while you may not highlighted on Facebook and other media outlets like Steph Curry, your obedience will certainly catch the eye of your heavenly Father.