Our kids program is designed to assist parents in guiding children into a relationship with God and grounding them in God’s Word so that they may grow in their relationship with Christ.

Sundays, 9:30 Core Elective

Currently we offer a Core Elective during our 9:30 hour. During this time, elementary and preschool kids can take part in their own classes, while parents are invited to take part in studying God’s Word together.

Sundays, 10:30 Service

Preschool (Age 0-5 Years) We have classes for children of all ages on Sundays at 10:30. Children age 0 to 5 years old can be checked-in at our Check-In desk in our Children’s Lobby each Sunday morning. We will take a little bit of information from you, give your child a name tag and give parents a claim tag and from here you will take them to their class (divided up by ages:0-24 months, 2-3 years, and 4-5 years) in our Children’s Wing. These kids will get to enjoy a fun time learning God’s Word with our trained and background-screened staff. After the service you will pick them up in the class you dropped them off in, using the claim tag that you received at check-in. Elementary (Kindergarten – 5th Grade) Elementary kids will also get checked in. They, however, will join parents in the service for our worship music time. Right before the preaching starts, they will be dismissed and will be escorted to our Elementary Hallway. Here they will enjoy a fun time of Bible teaching and activities. You will pick them up in the SouthKids Kidtown Hallway following the service using the claim tag you received at check-in.

Wednesdays, 6 – 7:30 PM

We have an exciting Kids’ program on Wednesday evenings during the school year.  If you have wanted your kids to be part of a caring community, where kids learn how to study the Bible, and the gospel that’s all throughout the Bible, then this program is for you!  Kids have leaders who help them have fun, while digging into God’s Word, and discovering truths for themselves!  Watch this video to learn a bit more!

To Register for Engage, click here.

Family Opportunities

Kids don’t stay kids forever and we think it’s important for them to see what the body of Christ as a whole looks like and because families are important, and we want to give families every opportunity we can, to grow together in God’s Word. In order to help families, we currently offer the following opportunities:

Worship & Prayer Nights

Throughout the year we are offering a chance for families, with children of all ages, to come together with the body of Christ to worship and pray together. It doesn’t matter if your kid can stay quiet or sit still, we want them to be a part of God’s church! Check out our calendar to see when the next Worship and Prayer Night is scheduled to take place.

Family Gatherings

Our family gatherings are a chance for elementary kids to take part in our Sunday morning services. These take place about once every two to three months. Elementary kids stay with their parents for this service. In order to help engage them in this service, we offer Parent Survival Bags! These bags are full of goodies and helpful tools to engage your elementary age child in this service. Check out our calendar to see what’s scheduled for our next family event.

Family Events

Throughout the year we offer different family events! Whether this is a movie night, bowling, game nights, outdoor bonfires, or whatever else we can come up with, our goal is to give families the opportunity to spend time as a family enjoying other families. Check out our calendar to see what’s scheduled for our next family event.

Other Annual Programs

Day Camp

During the summer, we offer Day Camp to kids entering Kindergarten through 6th grade. It is an action-packed week, where they learn truths from God’s Word, sing songs, do crafts, play games, and also have fun-filled afternoon field trips! This is a week in their summer they don’t want to miss! Click here for the Day Camp scholarship application.

Lake Ann Camp

Each summer, our kids have the opportunity to board our church bus with all of their camp “stuff”, and head to Lake Ann Camp for a week of summer camp! If you’d like to check out Lake Ann, Click on this link:

Safety & Security

For the safety and security of all children in our children’s community, all kids entering our children’s wing will be required to be registered and checked in at our Check-In Center. Your first time registering, you will be required to provide some basic information, along with any special instructions (allergies, special or medical needs) for your child(ren). Each week thereafter, you will simply check in, using a name or phone number. Upon checking in, a name tag will print for each child, along with a claim tag for parents, with an ID code unique for your family. Each child will put their name tag on their person, and the parent will keep the claim tag. Upon picking up your child, you will simply need to show your claim tag, and your child will be released to you. For the safety and security of all children in our children’s community: No child will be released to a parent without a claim tag or picture identification.

Stay Up to Date

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