Women’s Ministry

The ministry to women specifically, at South, is currently offered during our Bible studies.  Studying the Bible together is a wonderful way to grow closer to the Lord and to one another.  There is great fellowship in both studies which are offered.  We have a Wednesday evening Bible study that is going through the Gospel of Matthew, and there is a bi-weekly Thursday morning study as well.  See Carol Snyder if you would like to get connected to either study.

In the past we have had a very organized approach to Women’s Ministry, but currently (post-Covid era) we are taking a “let’s do what we’re doing, very well, and pray about branching out from there”  approach.  There are opportunities to get involved in ministry to women in the future.  If you have ideas and would also like to serve, please see Carol Snyder.

Make no mistake about it, women serve one another.  We were made to naturally be caregivers. If you have a gift that you would like to share with the greater group of women at South, make it known, and we will pray about implementing it.

Ephesians 6:7 — “Serve whole heartedly; as if you were serving the Lord, not men.”