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WE are the Outreach Team! We are each, as members of South, trying to be bold and share the love of Christ in the Flint area. We are sharing our faith with our friends and neighbors, praying that they will see Christ in us.

Walking in the parade

mattsteve mattemery mattbob

Handing out information

Below is a video of our 2016 Block Party at Sarginson Park.  We had a blast, and had over 200 people from the neighborhood come to have fun with us!

Below is a video of our 2016 “Be the Church” Summer of serving!  We spent several Sunday evenings cleaning up Sarginson Park, and a couple Sunday evenings at Carman-Ainsworth Middle School, renovating their teacher’s lounge.

We are sent a team to Buenos Aires a couple of years ago. They had a wonderful time assisting the Selfs in finishing one of their new church buildings!

Below is a video of our Buenos Aires Team that went to Argentina to work with the Selfs in October 2013.