I can remember the first tree that Laurie and I had for Christmas together. While I always grew up with "fake" trees, Laurie always had real, and I was excited to have a real one.  I can still remember the look, feel and smell of it.  It was so big (or maybe our apartment was just that small) that it took up half the living room and blocked the front door! One problem though, we didn't have any ornaments.  Laurie had some ornaments from her childhood, and I had some too, but it they looked so sparse on our spruce!

Fast forward 12 years…

We now have a pre-lit artificial tree. (I can have my fill of pine needles and sap on Wilderness, without the mess in my living room!)  Sometime along the way we decided to buy an ornament whenever we went on a vacation. Also, we get each of our boys an ornament that reminds us of something significant in their lives over the past year.  We plan to give the boys their box of ornaments to hang on their tree when they move out and start their own families.

So as I sit and look at my Christmas tree—I don't just see a tree—I see our family vacations to Myrtle Beach, Tennessee, and Chicago. I remember the year Jack loved to make sand castles, or the year he was in love with trains.  I remember when Josh water skied for the first time, or when he caught his first fish. I remember the twins’ first Christmas and how crazy life was. I see a tree full of memories, reminding me how blessed I am. I hope you have a memory-making Merry Christmas this year!  

–Pastor Don