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Sermons on Salvation

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Part 4

How do you spell gospel?  You spell gospel J – E – S – U – S!  Without Jesus, there is no gospel.  In this, the 4th message in the Gospel Foundation series, Pastor Scott reminds us why the gospel is all about Jesus, and why it’s so important for us to put our faith…

Part 3

Where you grew up makes a huge difference in how you view your life and this world!  Like it or not, the Bible tells us we are all conceived and born into the domain of darkness.  It is an ugly reality that many religions, human philosophies and our culture seek to disguise or deny.  But,…

Part 2

Before anyone can fully understand what the Gospel is, we must understand Who God is!  His nature, His character, His power, and His love for sinful people, are only some of the reasons why the Gospel is a reality today!  Pastor Scott continues the series “Gospel Foundations”.