A Few Good Men … And Women

One thing you can say about the Bible, is that God doesn't pull any punches! In it, we see the good, the bad and the ugly mistakes that people have made through the years. In it, we find how God delivered His people Israel from slavery in Egypt and led them to the land He had promised Abraham centuries before. After they had taken possession of the land God promised, you'd think that the Israelites would have whole-heartedly followed after God out of sincere gratitude for the blessings He had given them. But, noooooooo! Their gratitude soon turned to complacency and neglect of God's word. Eventually, they began worshiping the false gods they were supposed to destroy and God unleashed judgement on them in order to bring them back to worshiping Him - the only real God! In the next message in our series called "The Story", Pastor Scott points out the cycle of sin that His people seemed to struggle with over and over again. We'll also learn that we also have some of the same tendencies to