Had a chance to spend some time this past weekend celebrating my Dad.  His birthday was Monday and I am so thankful for him!  I often ponder the many lessons he has taught me, continues to teach me and the influence he has made on my life.  I would like to share a few of those lessons that I’ve learned. 

In watching my Dad, I’ve learned the amazing impact that we as fathers have on our children.  I have been able to accept the discipline, love and grace of the Heavenly Father because my Dad displayed those same characteristics here on earth.  It causes me to wonder if I’ve adequately demonstrated those qualities for my children.

I’ve also learned that just because my children are getting older, doesn’t mean they need me less.  As a matter of fact, once they enter into the more challenging seasons of life, they may need me more.  Over time my role as a father may be altered, but in the end I still need to be there for them to offer Godly counsel and share life with them.

When I really take the time to reflect on the important role I have as a father, it can be quite overwhelming.  There are many days where I feel like I am not fit for this task.  However, I consider it a privilege to lead the four children that God has blessed me with and pray for the wisdom, courage, strength and grace needed to encourage them most importantly in their relationship with Him. 

As I grow older, my already deep respect for my Dad grows deeper and deeper!  His life and Godly example has been such a blessing to me!  I pray that, just like my Dad, I will leave a lasting spiritual legacy not only for my children, but for generations to come!

Mr. D.