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Fellowship is important.

The Bible is paramount.

We sing praise

to God.

We learn about Jesus.

We enjoy being together.

Our Goal

At South, we desire to reach those who are far from God, and grow up those who are already in Christ.

Recent Sermons

Graduates Sunday

Graduates Sunday

Categories: Graduates' Service
June 11, 2023

Today we were challenged by Pastor Scott to do all we can to serve Jesus, whether we're in middle school, high school, a graduate, an empty nester or a senior saint. Everything in this service worked together to be a great challenge for all who were in attendance.

The Rich Young Ruler

The Rich Young Ruler

Categories: Exalting Jesus
May 28, 2023

Was the young ruler too rich to be saved? It sounded like maybe that was what Jesus was telling him, but in the end, that was not the message of the account. Pastor Scott taught us that we have a tough choice to make if we are saved.

Amanda, Kids’ class teacher

“I love the opportunity to share God’s love with children– it might be their only chance to hear it!”