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The Bible is paramount.

We sing praise

to God.

We learn about Jesus.

We enjoy being together.

Our Goal

At South, we desire to reach those who are far from God, and grow up those who are already in Christ.

Recent Sermons



May 22, 2022

Pastor Scott brought us the first Essential of a Healthy Church.  Worship.  That's what we do each week at 10:30 AM, correct? Well, no, not exactly.  Singing praises to God is a very small part of our worship to God.  Pastor Scott explains more about that, in this message.

Mother’s Day/Our Mission

Mother’s Day/Our Mission

May 8, 2022

The mission of the church, according to Matthew 28:16-20, is to make disciples.  Our church says it this way "Make disciples by reaching those who are far from God, while bringing up those who are in Christ."  Pastor Scott shares why this command is an Essential of a Healthy Church.

Amanda, Kids’ class teacher

“I love the opportunity to share God’s love with children– it might be their only chance to hear it!”