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Fellowship is important.

The Bible is paramount.

We sing praise

to God.

We learn about Jesus.

We enjoy being together.

Our Goal

At South, we desire to reach those who are far from God, and grow up those who are already in Christ.

Recent Sermons

The Kingdom’s Fall

May 26, 2019

Pastor Scott continues in his sermon series The Story. It was a sad moment in history for God's chosen people. But, despite God's judgement on His people for rejecting Him, He remained faithful to the promises He had made, and His plans will never fail!

God’s Messengers

May 19, 2019

Before the Bible ever came to be, God appointed spokesmen and women to communicate His word and His will to people. They were called prophets. In this message, Pastor Scott walks us through the highlights (and lowlights) of the prophet Elijah. Believe it or not, there's a lot we can learn from his story!

The Fracturing Of A Family

May 12, 2019

Ever followed bad advice? We've all been there and paid the price. Even a rich and powerful king in the Bible followed terrible advice and it fractured his kingdom in two. Our families today can also be fractured by following the wisdom of this world instead of God's wisdom. How do we get God's wisdom? In today's message, Pastor Scott shows us from the Bible how we can get God's wisdom and apply it to our lives!

Amanda, Kids’ class teacher

“I love the opportunity to share God’s love with children– it might be their only chance to hear it!”