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Our Goal

At South, we desire to reach those who are far from God, and grow up those who are already in Christ.

Recent Sermons

A Big Ask

May 5, 2019

If God ever granted you one request, what would it be? There are a lot of things that come to mind. But, would wisdom even make the top 10? It was for King Solomon who had just taken over for his Dad as king of Israel. God honored Solomon's request, and even today, Solomon is known as the wisest of all people in history! God still offers wisdom to anyone who humbly seeks it today. In this message, we'll see how to seek the wisdom from God that we so desperately need.

When All Is Well … Beware!

April 28, 2019

Why is it that when things are going well in our lives, and we are enjoying smooth sailing, that we often find ourselves making poor choices and suffering through the consequences? And, it's nothing new. King David was a "man after God's own heart". And yet, even he made bad choices that brought devastating consequences upon himself and his family! In this message, Pastor Scott points out some key lessons we can learn today from David's life that will help us avoid our own bad choices and consequences.

Amanda, Kids’ class teacher

“I love the opportunity to share God’s love with children– it might be their only chance to hear it!”