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Fellowship is important.

The Bible is paramount.

We sing praise

to God.

We learn about Jesus.

We enjoy being together.

Our Goal

At South, we desire to reach those who are far from God, and grow up those who are already in Christ.

Recent Sermons

God Builds A Nation

January 27, 2019

In today's message, we find God choosing a very unlikely couple to through which He will build a nation of people to call His own. It's proof that God doesn't always choose the most talented or qualified people to carry out His plans. He chooses people who are willing to trust Him to sometimes do the impossible in and through our lives!

The Beginning Of Life As We Know It

January 20, 2019

Today, we began our journey through "The Story"! We started at the very beginning - at creation - where we find Adam & Eve living in a garden paradise. "What could go wrong", you ask? Well, a whole lot, as Pastor Scott teaches us in today's message entitled "The Beginning of Life As We Know It." Good thing this is the first chapter and not the last, as we learn that God was not willing to let mankind continue to go down the path toward death and eternal punishment. In today's message, we see the first signs of hope for the human race!

Amanda, Kids’ class teacher

“I love the opportunity to share God’s love with children– it might be their only chance to hear it!”