Socially distant, but near to God.

Sporting events have stopped. Movie theaters are empty. Restaurants have closed their doors. Malls sit silent. Epicenters of social activity are shadows of what they were just a few weeks ago. “Social distance” is in full effect.

We’re all probably familiar with this term at this point. We are to be living in such a way that we distance ourselves from others to prevent the spread of the virus. We’re to be distant from others for our benefit and also for the good of those around us. It has been deemed “best” for us to live distantly.

While this may be what has been mandated in social situations, we need to be mindful of our spiritual situations during this time. And what we need during this time is quite the opposite of what has been prescribed.


Psalm 73:28


But for me it is good to be near God; I have made the Lord GOD my refuge, that I may tell of all your works. (ESV)

It probably goes without saying, but David is not struggling with “social distancing” in this Psalm. Instead, he is wrestling with how it seems like those who live contrary to God’s Word are able to find success while he sees those who live in line with God’s Word struggle.

That said, the truth of how he ends Psalm 73 resonates during our situation. Though we are distant from one another and others socially, it is our best to be near to God. He out to be our refuge and we need to take time to reflect on and share who He is and how we have seen Him work. It is in this that we will find peace and find strength during a time of struggle.


David says that being near to God is what is best for him (and others). What practical step or steps do you need to take to “draw near” to God?

What is one thing you can confess to God that Hs is your refuge from?

Write down two things that you have seen God work in over the past couple of weeks.